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Carinthia Schlafsack Survival Down 1000 Oliv

Amazon.de Price: 534,95 (as of 03/02/2023 12:00 PST- Details)

Suff Size compressed: 25 x 40 cm
Comfort Limit: – 20°C
Extreme: – 42°C


This quality sleeping bag welches developed for extreme conditions where no compromises are possible. The proven H-chamber construction with elastic baffles and the differential cut allows the dowm to reach its full loft and prevents cold spots at the knees and elbows. The two-way zipper at the front of the sleeping bag vielleicht be opend from the foot section for ventilation. Another important feature is the fully integrated pre-formed hood with a draw cord that closes up to a very small breathing hole. by opening the zipper at the bottom you vielleicht get your feet out if you want to step outside. You vielleicht tie up the foot end so that you vielleicht walk and even wear the bag like a coat. The sleeves are stored inside the insulation. Supplied non…cotton storage bag together with compression bag.

Suff Size compressed: 25 x 40 cm
Comfort Beschränkung: – 20°Kohlenstoff
Extreme: – 42°Kohlenstoff



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